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 Dried Dallay

Dried Dallay

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Dallay Khursani, popularly known as the Fireball Chilli, is a unique variety of chilli that is native to Sikkim, the Darjeeling & Kalimpong Hills. The name Dalle Khursani translates to Round Chillies which precisely describes the perfectly round shape of these chillies!
A member of the Capsicum annuum family, this fireball chilli is of a bright scarlet red colour and has an extremely hot flavour profile. It is in fact, one of the hottest chillies found around the world with a count on the spiciness scale similar to the Mexican Habanero chillies.
A whiff of this chilli can make your eyes water but it serves as a popular accompaniment in Sikkim where biting into this spice along with their meals is a staple. Did you know that the spicy hit in your traditional red hot momo chutney comes from this fresh Dalle Khursani?
Extremely rich in Vitamin C, potassium & antioxidants, this indigenous chilli can be added to your stews, curries & chutneys if you are a fan of extreme spice.

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